You do not need to deal with a code of the webpage to edit information about items you sell.
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Mapping is an easy and convenient way to load pictures and descriptions of your goods for sale or get ready-to-use items from categories you need. Add text in several languages to tap into new markets. Describe experiences of your services and activities or rooms in your spas, hotels or conference centres as evocatively or precisely as you wish. Add new additions to existing propositions such as treatments, excursions and tours.
  • Add several pictures at a time. Edit existing descriptions and add new ones in multiple languages.
  • Creation new objects that can be made available for sale. Specify your sales partner for successful distribution.
  • Create an excursion or a tour with itinerary detail. Add a description and images for each day.


  • all in one
    A wide range of settings and descriptions for precise set-up
  • best offer
    Describe any good or service you sell to best advantage. Optimise content given by providers to suit your own Brand DNA and company USPs
  • quick setup
    Integration with your existing software and 24/7 technical support
  • increase of profit
    Extend your inventory and perform cross-selling and up-selling of products
  • operate worldwide
    We are connected to more than 70 providers and 26 000 travel agencies
  • advanced solution
    XML / JSON / API connection