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The comprehensive back office for your website
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ETAR Admin is a part of ETAR, a package solution to manage your operating activities. ETAR Admin guarantees a comprehensive back office for your website. You can assign roles such as Accounting, Call Centre and Product Management to your chosen employees and adjust their data permissions relative to their entrusted process. ETAR Admin keeps a list of your regional offices, agencies and sellers and organizes them into groups to regulate their terms of operation. Get reports and analytical information based on customized parameters. Keep all business processes under control and securely managed.
  • Organize your sellers into groups. Manage operating conditions for various groups. Set mark-up and discount settings for different regions and categories of services.
  • Keep a list of reservations with all necessary details. Create reservations manually according to the special requirements of your clients.
  • A convenient GUI to upload banners for the White Label web site. Upload images and set their order in ETAR Admin and see the updates on the website within minutes.
  • Comprehensive reports on operating activities. Save specific search settings as a pre-set and configure automatic reports. What is more, you can set a specific sales target for one of your agents and monitor its performance.


  • all in one
    A wide range of rate settings for precise set-up
  • best offer
    ETAR package solution is the ultimate tool to control business processes
  • quick setup
    Integration with your existing software and 24/7 technical support
  • increase of profit
    Manage your revenue intelligently by monitoring sales with detailed reports
  • operate worldwide
    Booking, multiple payment methods and accounting documents on-line
  • advanced solution
    XML / JSON / API connection