flexi bonus

A tool for easy creation of rules of operation for bonus cards
You may be beginning to plan creating your own loyalty program or already have one established. Flexi Connect have a comprehensive tool to set operating conditions of bonus cards. We guarantee precise adjustment of bonus points collecting and spending, discounts and promo-codes, the upgrade of services and allocation of gifts.
  • Set if a bonus for a client based on booked room type or an amount spent.
  • Make a promo code and reward your special clients with it. The code can only be used together with the client's card number.


  • all in one
    A wide range of bonus points settings for precise set-up
  • best offer
    Thorough loyalty program benefits both you and your customers: cardholders enjoy bonuses like discounts and gifts, you get repeated purchases.
  • quick setup
    Integration with your existing software and 24/7 technical support
  • increase of profit
    Encourage your client to book more with a generous bonus program
  • operate worldwide
    Create joint bonus programs with your partners
  • advanced solution
    XML / JSON / API connection